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Ukrainian vegetables at the exhibition

Ukrainian fruits and vegetables will be presented in Hong Kong on Asia Fruit Logistica 2018


As part of the Asia Fruit Logistica 2018, the largest fruit and vegetable exhibition in Asia, the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPOA) organized a Ukrainian stand where the best Ukrainian gardeners will be presented.

“The Ukrainian apple, our berries and other fruits and vegetables can be sold all over the world in the premium price segment, thanks to the unique natural and climatic conditions of our country and modern growing technologies. Two trade missions organized in South-East Asia this year fully confirm this. That’s why our goal is to sell our apples at a fair price, and it can be provided by finicky consumers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries of the region, “says Andrei Yarmak, an economist at the FAO Investment Department and the head of the joint project of FAO, EBRD and EU4Business to promote the export of Ukrainian food. It is this project that provides technical support for this trade mission and partially reimburses the costs of Ukrainian gardeners to prepare for it.

Given the harvesting time for apples, Ukrainian gardeners will present at the exhibition, mostly apples of the Gala variety of various clones. Better ripened apple is a variety of Gala Schniga (Gala Schniga), which is juicy, beautifully painted and very tasty. Also at the exhibition will be presented premium apples of Granny Smith (Granny Smith).